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giant toughroad slr gx green ,2018

greenbobgreenbob Posts: 12
edited September 2018 in Commuting general
HI All, Never been on here for a wile but , I just bought a new giant toughroad slr gx green , it has 16 speed what is your views on it, I also have a Boardman MX Sport 2016, 27 speed. wich is the best , any thought will be aprecated. i mostly bike on the old railway lines but do a bit on the roads and thought that the giant gravel bike might be a bit faster , thanks bob.


  • The boardman is likely to have better spec, the obvious one being Hydraulic brakes vs cable discs.

    This said gravel bikes are a lot of fun, clearly for the same money hybrids will have better spec, roadie shifters/brakes are more expensive, which takes a chunk out of the budget for specs at each price point.

    Personally I have a big MTB for big rides and the gravel bike for everything else!
  • HI, Thanks for your reply. atb bob.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    As you have both you are probably in the best position to decide. I would think.
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