Evans price match - with themselves.......

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More of a tip really; last night was my first experience of an Evans store (Sutton Coldfield) where i had rang to reserve a tyre, and was surprised at the till when the price didn't match the website. When i queried, they instantly did a price match which seemed a little odd to match themselves.
Was a mess when i showed my BC 10% on top :D


  • I don't think they will be around much longer... :(

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    Its a crazy nonsense situation...prices in store are higher than on their website. I had the same with halfrauds when buying some bike lights, of course they price matched it too. I guess its banking on in store customers not checking the website and/or not being too bothered about the price - or wrongly assuming - that website prices would be the same as instore.
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    I also noticed the same in Halfords so if I have to buy from them I'll order online and collect in store.

    There's also some skullduggery with their car parts; ordered an air filter once but it wasn't in when I went to collect. While they were trying to trace the thing it became apparent they'd just ordered it from Euro Car Parts.

    So I told them to forget it and had it delivered to my desk at work
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    Was almost £10 on £33 tyre.....
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    keef66 wrote:
    While they were trying to trace the thing it became apparent they'd just ordered it from Euro Car Parts.
    Were Halfords charging more or less than ECP? :roll:
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    The same, but Halfords were cheaper for the other things I needed so I thought it would be simpler to order the lot from them.
    Just seemed bizarre watching the bloke go on the ECP website and try to order the thing again, apparently for the price they were selling it to me (I'm sure there's some discount or rebate going on otherwise why??)

    So to save the @rse-ache of trekking down to Halfords again just for a filter I said I'd order it myself
  • Evans always price matched their Internet price when I bought in store. The Halfords stores I've bought bike stuff from have all done that too. I suspect it's easier to update Internet prices if they're price matched than filtering it out to all the stores.

    I mean the Evans price match involves emailing Evans with a link to the site offering a cheaper price. Someone looks at it then if it meets their rules they email you a code to get that matched price. The person authorising the match could easily update the Internet prices or bung it up the ranks to someone who can do that. Easy I reckon.

    The other thing is on store it can ask them to price match an online price that's better. I've told them in store x retailer offers it £5 chalet before now. They've gone to the website (including searching for it if you don't have the link) and the guy matches it if valid. You don't always have to take a higher price with price match schemes.