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Topeak defender m1 and suntour radon forks

Phil172Phil172 Posts: 2
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Evening all!

I bought a voodoo bizango 29er a few months back with suntour raidon front forks. For my birthday the other half got me a set of topeak mudgaurds, the m1 and m2 Combo.

The m2 fits fine as it's just a clasp, but the m1 has the awkward wedge which is marginally too big to fit up the hole in the forks. Has anyone found a way to make it fit? Or can you buy a smaller wedge? I did consider filing it to reduce the profile, but don't really want to tamper with it if there's an easier solution!

Thanks in advance,


  • File it. :D
  • should fit OK from what i can gather as its a one size fits most & if filing goes wrong you could always buy this ... attachment

    i had a similar dilemma when i got my 2014 bizango a few years ago, was not sure what size plug i would need or if the one size fits all would work so instead opted for the Defender XC1 / XC11 set instead as it seemed to be a slightly sturdier looking rear mudguard & also the front one clamped to the fork lowers instead of the bunghole in the fork upper. ( also helped that they were on offer at the time & were a steal )

    not much help, i know.

    but only other suggestion would be to have a bash @ filing both the hole & the plug so not all done in 1 lump to 1 bit.
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 1,986

    but only other suggestion would be to have a bash @ filing both the hole & the plug so not all done in 1 lump to 1 bit.

    DO NOT FILE THE HOLE!!!!! :shock:

    That is a metal part of your fork brace and/or the fork steerer, depending upon which bit you file. Just file the plastic bit. It should be an expandable component, so unless you go mad at it you will not make it so small that it won't fit.
  • i did not mean to go all guns at the hole ( hell no ) just the rough edges if there is any & only a mm or so at most off the top - - i know one of my voodoo's has horrendous welds at the fork to steerer tube join meaning many of the weld blobs are much larger than they ever need to be to hold the bits together safely & they make the hole far smaller than it should be too but then i only have mudguards for 1 of them & they dont use that for the fixing of them so not a problem for me.

    but i accept your advise as the best option to give as the plastic bit is easily & cheaply replaced if you go too far, the fork is much more costly to fix / replace if you go too much & as you say could also be a safety concern too if done too much too.

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