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Chain guide mount

BenGrauwilerBenGrauwiler Posts: 3
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I’ve recently got rid of my 2 x drivetrain and gone for a 1x by set up. I like the idea of a chain guide just to protect the frame in the event that the chain comes off. I’m struggling to work out what type of mounting is on the frame of my bike. The bike is a Scott Scale 720 2017.

Thanks for you any help in advance, I’ll also upload a picture when I work out how to.



  • A chain guide stops the chain coming off full stop. I assume you mean protect the frame by stopping the chain coming off?

    with 1x set-ups, you shouldn't need one but I've used one of these before: ... _76633.htm

    Not everyone likes them but they do a job.
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  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,852
    I wouldn't bother. A narrow-wide chain ring and a clutch rear mech and your chain will stay in place.
    Just helitape the frame where the chain could strike if it does come off.

    I converted my bike from 2x10 to 1x11 about 10 months ago and haven't had a single chain drop and the bike has had several visits to BPW, dozens of rides at Cwmcarn and FoD and a couple of trips to Llandegla.
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  • Those chain directors are the dog's danglies. I used to use them when I was 3x and 2x. But they have been totally unnecessary since I went 1x with a clutch mech and a narrow-wide ring.

    If you are concerned about the chain striking the stay, wrap a neoprene sleeve over it, or a piece of old inner tube, or just use a few layers of bike tape.
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone, I think I’ll take the advice and run it without for now and see how I get on.
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