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Pacenti Sl25 rims

EasyPeezEasyPeez Posts: 25
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Is anyone else riding these?

If so what tyres are you using, and how did/do you find them to fit?

I'm currently running with tubes and am looking at 25mm/28mm slicks for road riding.

I'm reasonably experienced at fitting different tyres to rim, and though not the quickest tyre changer I know, I don't usually struggle to get tyres onto rims....but these rims seem to be a nightmare! So far I've tried -

25mm brand new Duranos - 2 of us working together spent half an hour and couldn't manage to get them on
28mm well used 4Seasons - 2 of us working together spent half an hour and couldn't manage to get them on
30mm G-Ones - 2 man job. Really, really hard. Took us quite a lot of struggling and use of tyre levers. Got them on in the end. Rides like a dream, but want to keep these tyres for mixed-terrain touring so looking to switch to slicks now.
35mm Rapid Robs - got these on without too much hassle, but this was just an experiment - these tyres are off my CX bike and obv no good for road riding, which is what my Pacenti-rim wheels are intended for.

I'm reading great reviews of Michelin Power Endurance tyres but quite frequently they are referred to as being very tight to fit. Teamed with the Pacentis I fear they would be an impossible combination.

Would love to hear from anyone else using clinchers on these rims as to what tyres they are using.



  • I have fitted tyres to many and no issues. Ditch the rim strip and fit tubeless tape and it's alot easier. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • That's my plan. Just about to order some tubeless tape now and trying to work out if 21mm or 25mm will be best (inner rim width listed as 20mm).

    When you say you've 'fitted tyres to many' - do you mean wheels in general or specifically SL25s? If the latter, do you have any recommendations for 25/28mm clinchers that go on easily and ride well, with decent puncture protection?

  • Sl25 and pacenti in general. 23mm tape is good for these rim. 21mm works fine. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    I've got SL25's (from thecycleclinic as it happens) and have no problem fitting Schwalbe One's, Pro Ones, or Hutchinson Sectors, all 28mm. When I say "no problem" I mean I can fit them without tyre levers. I would suggest a dilute detergent spray around the rims prior to first inflation, to help the rim bed properly if going tubeless.

    And if going tubeless can I suggest that you try the Finish Line "kevlar" sealant as opposed to the latex based ones, as then you can use a CO2 cartridge to inflate the tyres. First time inflation can be hit and miss with a floor pump, sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don't. Or you can fit the tyre with a tube first, and leave inflated to bed in, before setting up as tubeless. You might find it takes a while for the tyre to seal completely with this sealant, compared to the latex ones, but I found going for a couple of rides shook it about much better than I could off the bike, and completed the sealing process,
  • That finish line sealant is about the worst thing you can use. you dont need CO2 to inflate a tubeless tyre on a pacenti rim. a track pump will do for all the combinations i have tried.

    Anyway you inflate with soapy water (with co2 if you have to). Inflate to 100 psi to ensure the bead is seated. Deflate then inject sealant. Then reinflate. That way you can use a latex selant.

    I do wonder why people get this backwards.

    If a tyre does not seal straight away and requires riding to seal I would say the selant is not doing its job that well. Thats why i am particular about rim tyre combinations. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I use these. Every winter I stick on Schwalbe S Ones. ( G One speed nowadyays) On by hand, no levers and I have arthritic hands. Just take very small bites. Up with a track pump. Use Joes and Caffelatex. Fail to see any difference.
    In the summer I use Challenge Strada Biancas. Fiddly to fit 1st time but, as I found out last night, if left all on summer they can be taken off with the tube still inside and swapped to other rims just like a tub. Brilliant.
    Both tyres in 30mm.
    I use removable valve cores so just whip them out and a big plastic syringe which fits nicely over the valve. That way doesn't even dislodge the bead.
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