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Manchester to Blackpool nght Ride

BlueTaylorBlueTaylor Posts: 43
Anyone signed up to do this? or have done it before in the past?... Im struggling on getting back home and jsut ater some ideas if anyone has any? problem being is arriving at Blackpool early hours in the morning and novody fancying the journey (dont blame them) how have you got back in the past?


  • I had considered doing this but frankly, I like my bed too much to cycle overnight!

    As to returning home afterwards, "they" were putting on coaches after the event to bring people back to Manchester, although if I remember correctly, you had to sign up for these by 5th Sept so you would be too late now. Instead, you could consider parking your car in Blackpool beforehand and getting the train to Manchester for the start: if you drive of course. As I understand it, there are quite a few long term car parks near to the town centre you could use.

    If you did not fancy that, there are trains out of the town at 8.21 back to Manchester, although with all the rubbish going on with Northern Trains, whether I would risk it is another question.

    Apart from that... you could always cycle back? There is no way I could but when I did the daytime event a few years back, there were people heading home as I reached the 40 mile mark.

    Hope this helps and that you enjoy the event.
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