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SRAM Shifter not shifting

ZingaiyaZingaiya Posts: 52
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So... SRAM Rival 1X 11 speed.

Last week I dropped down into lowest gear, and the chain overshot, binding around the hub/axle and bringing me to a grinding halt.
Once I'd disentangled the chain and got it back on the cassette, I couldn't change gear, so I had to pick a gear and ride 11 miles home on it.
Once home, I checked the chain (looks fine), replaced the cable (using a SRAM branded shifter cable), cleaned up the rear mech, re-indexed it, etc.

The gear shifts are now terrible and there's no hope of getting it into the highest gears. There doesn't appear to be any tension in the derailleur above 9th gear and the cable is slack. It will happily change gear if I manually pull the derailleur towards myself though.

So - what's broken and how do I replace it, or is this something that should still be covered under warranty (I still have a few weeks left)?

All help much appreciated.


  • me-109me-109 Posts: 1,369
    Have you checked for a bent rear mech hanger?
  • The hanger looks ok.
    I've ordered a load of new cable sleeving just in case as well.
  • Probably more likely you bent the rear derailer than the hanger.

    But for this kind of thing, it might be worth taking it to a bike shop as you could end up replacing a number of things on the bike before you work out what i causing it.
  • It sounds as if the initial overshoot was caused by not having the limit screw set properly. Put the bike onto the biggest sprocket, and press the lever, looking for any inward movement of the mech. If there is, turn the L screw clockwise a bit, and check again, keep doing it until the mech doesn’t move in, with the bike on the biggest sprocket.
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  • Cable and sheathe replaced, and indexing re-done. Gear shifts are clunky with a lot of lag. Still can't get to smallest two cogs.
    Definitely LBS time :(
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