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EC headset compatibility with integrated crown race fork

Maxime_KrMaxime_Kr Posts: 5
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This is my first post and I hope that it will comply with the forum rules.
I own a Cotic Escapade from 2015, the frame is fitted with a Cane Creek 40 EC34 1 1/8" headset.
I would like to replace the stock fork for a lighter Ritchey WCS carbon fork; this fork comes with an integrated crown race that I believe is not compatible with the headset. Especially, the race angle is 36deg. for the lower headset bearing and 45deg. for the crown races, respectively.
I read on some blogs that the Ritchey fork will follow "Campagnolo" lower bearing standard.
I then had two ideas to proceed:

1) replace the lower bearing for a 1,1/8" - 41,0mm / 45°, or,
2) pull off the integrated crown (possible?) an install a new crown compatible with my current headset bearing (1,1/8" - 41,0mm / 36°).

Which one of these two solutions would you advise?


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