Hammer h2 vs kickr 2018

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Going to buy my first smart trainer. It's between hammer h2 or kickr 2018. Look pretty similar except for flywheel weight 20 vs 16. Does it matter? Any advise?


  • Having switched previously from the Hammer H1 to the KICKR17, I can tell you that the additional flywheel weight is noticeable. It does indeed improve road feel.
    However, I noticed only because I made a switch. Had I started with a KICKR I probably would not have noticed.
    The heavier H1 also made it much better for all out sprints

    The other thing I noticed was that the grades on H1 seemed more difficult than on the KICKR - so a 15% grade felt like 15%, whereas the KICKR seems toned down a bit.

    I can't tell you much about the noise, reliability, accuracy or responsiveness of the latest models. I switched because the H1 had some reliability and responsiveness issues. As far as I know these have been fixed.
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    Go for the kickr.
    I have the 2018 one and it is far better than the kickr 2 (which I had a while back).

    It is pretty much silent (apart from the drive train noise), super responsive and just works out of the box.

    With regards to the comment above implying that the gradient isn't accurate, or less so than the hammer, there is a setting in the Wahoo app that allows you to adjust how the kickr reacts to gradients (ie instant or smooth) and of course you have the setting in the actual (3rd party) program you are using. Fwiw I find the gradient pretty much as I would expect.
  • Why not the Kickr Core rather than the Kickr 18, especially if it is your first smart trainer?
  • The core has a smaller flywheel than the 18 kickr. Everyone says the heavier the more road like.
    I only want to do it once (purchase)
    I'm not a racer but what to improve fitness and edurance. My bike is faster than me!
  • Do you think that core will be tippy with the flat legs?