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Taking apart SPD pedals

02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
edited September 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
Even though there is no real benefit, I'm toying with the idea of painting a pair of SPD pedals to match the frame colour, I know,.. ...

To do a proper job, I need to remove the cleat holding mechanism....

Pedals are ritchey which are similar to shimano design. My concern is the 4 springs are under a fair bit of tension so may ping off when taking apart and if found, will be next to impossible to refit.

Anybody done this?



  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    It's possible and the springs will be relatively easy to remove once the tension has been wound off. Only word of caution I'd offer is the screws can be very tight so you'll need the correct screwdriver for the screws and a vice to hold the pedals while loosening the screws initially. Just remember how the pedals came apart for reassembly.
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