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Mavic Helium conversion to 11 speed

rogercolemanrogercoleman Posts: 13
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I have acquired a pair of beautiful Mavic Helium wheels but cant fit an 11 speed cassette as the hub is too short. (there is no spacer, before you ask) the hub is a couple of mm too short.
does anyone know how to fit a new 11 speed hub to an old wheel?


  • You can buy specially machined 11sp cassettes that fit on 10sp freehubs. Look on eBay.
  • If I remember correctly the new 105 and Ultegra 11 speed 11-34 cassettes both fit onto 10 speed hubs.
  • You can buy specially machined 11sp cassettes that fit on 10sp freehubs. Look on eBay.

    it doesnt look like we are allowed such riches in the UK
  • Hmm. I did see them on eBay in the UK but now not so sure.

  • Edco. Sigma sports.

  • The Helium were Mavic's first stab at the pre-assembled wheels market. At the time 8 and 9 speed were state of the art. 0 speed came later.
    It could well be that Mavic's modern freehubs still fit, they have hardly changed their 2 pawls design... obviously not the more modern ratchet type
  • Edco. Sigma sports.


    many thanks
  • protoproto Posts: 1,483
    There's a bloke on Time Trial forum who modifies 11 speed cassettes to fit 10 speed freehubs. He machines 1.8mm off the inside shoulder on the largest sprocket. He'll sell you a converted cassette or you can send him yours (I think). You'd have to search the forum, but you'll find him.

    I've done a couple of cassettes myself (I have access to a serious machine shop) and it worked out perfectly, although I understand that for some hubs there can be spoke clearance issues. Talk to the fellow on the TT forum
  • now thats proper mechanicing.
  • I've machined a few cassettes myself. Easy to do if you have a lathe :) works best with bigger large sprocket sizes (28, 32) due to the spoke dish working in your favor to give derallieur clearance. If you are bit old school then a 23 might not work as well.
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