Calibre Triple B or Boardman MTR 8.9 - Help to decide please

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Plan is to buy a new bike in next few days, (based in Nottingham)

Its currently a toss up between the Calibre Triple B (from Go Outdoors) or Boardman MTR 8.9 (from Cycle Republic).
Both are roughly £1400 and both have great spec & reviews.

[I'm also a little bit tempted by the Calibre Evo or Boardman MTR 8.8 in case I decide to spend a little less].

Using it for...
I want to get back onto MBR & intend to use on local trails (Sherwood Pines etc).
I won't be jumping, down hilling or racing (too old :( ) + its my 1st suspension MTB
(I still ride my old Marin Bear Valley from 20yrs ago!).
I've started riding with friends again but need a more up to date bike so I can step up my game (& suffer less pain)

1) Which bike would you recommend - Calibre or Boardman?
2) Would you suggest something else (better) for that price bracket?
3) I'm 6ft and not sure re size to get.
I sat on the Calibre TB in store and tried the large & medium.
Large I was tip toes with seat at lowest - medium was comfortable but not much scope to raise seat much further.
Not sure how you decide - especially as stores don't really let you test ride.

All advice much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  • I think it’d go for the Boardman 8.9 as the forks are better (bigger / stiffer stanchions and he internals can be upgraded to a Pike should you later want to) and I just don’t like the look of the Calibre frames.

    I haven’t looked into the geometry though. You maybe able to get some money off the Boardman if you join British cycling and buy from Halfords (10%).

    The only thing about the Calibre is it already has a dropper post and the Boardman doesn’t. But with 10% off I’d put that saving into a Brand X dropper post.
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    3) large = 19in.
  • Both are good, I can vouch for Boardman I had a full sus for few years and it was great.

    The Calibre dropper is external and cable operated. The mechanism is prone to jamming when mud and grit get inside, I had the exact same model and ended up sending it back after 2 rides because its almost unusable in British filthy conditions. I would suggest to save your money and get the cheaper Bossnut and buy a better dropper but be prepared to replace when it starts sticking/jamming.

    Vitus is another good option: ... prod159743
    You can get 10% off with British Cycling discount

    Pauls Cycles is also very good for discounted deals..
    Usually decent deals on Giant Anthem/Trance.

    This is also very good: ... ike-medium
    I have ridden this model, very lively and responsive ride and climbs well too. The dropper is reliable but not as good as the Vitus dropper, seems to take a little longer to come up and the lever is a bit iffy.