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SRAM Group set 1x11 upgrade

jimb7174jimb7174 Posts: 3
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I'm in the process of upgrading my shimano altus groupset to the SRAM NX 1x11. I know I need to replace the square taper bottom bracket to the octolink push bb and am happy doing that now I've stripped out the old bb.

My question is regarding the cassette on the hub, I know also I need to get the XD driver, so when I strip down the old hub will the XD simply go on the rear axle or will I have to replace more. Or do I need to look at an entire rear wheel replacement???
I started stripping it down last night but as the the bearings dropped out and it was getting late I put it back together and thought I'd ask first.

My bike is a voodoo Bantu and you may be wondering why I'm bothering upgrading and not putting the money to a better bike but the groupset became available and tbh I didn't think it was going to be as involved as this, how naieve.......the good thing is the experience I am getting with stripping everything down.

Any help would be really appreciated.



  • slc123slc123 Posts: 407
    Just to clarify are you considering changing the hubs or trying to convert what you have? If the latter you won't be able to. Shimano hubs can't be converted to SRAM XD. If it is not a Shimano specific hub I believe you may find some adaptors but it will depend on what it is.

    So if you have a Shimano hub - You will need to lace up a new hub that has an XD driver, if you have a different hub that can be converted to XD you will need to find those adaptors. Lastly you can run an XT 11-spd cassette with GX,X1 etc... I am not sure about NX, but would imagine it would work fine.
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  • Ditto what slc123 said. I doubt your wheels can do a straight swap from Shimano to XD driver. You'll probably need a new wheel with a hub that can take an XD driver.

    Hope are very good as you can swap between the 2. I have a set of e13 wheels that do the same.

    Plan B is fit the SRAM groupset but use a Shimano cassette and chain.
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  • It also depends what cassette you have. SRAM do the NX cassette in the Shimano standard hub format, so you do not need a XD hub as per here

    Super wide gear range—a perfect fit for any ride
    Optimised gear steps across entire range
    Compatible with non XD™ driver body
    Fully compatible with all SRAM 1x™ drivetrains
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  • 02GF7402GF74 Posts: 1,294
    jimb7174 wrote:

    My bike is a voodoo Bantu and you may be wondering why I'm bothering upgrading and not putting the money to a better bike

    Not wishing to come across as a bike snob but the v Bantu is very much to the low end, I'd not recommend spending any money on it.
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