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Wheel build with Campagnolo Record 10-speed hub

bicebice Posts: 772
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Just done a wheel on this hub and ridden it 50 miles today.

I am pleased, but it was more difficult than an Ultegra hub. I am a follower of Roger Musson, and have built 6-7 wheels (mostly cheap commuter bikes, a Pashley, but a pair on 10-speed Ultegra, and on Tiagra.

Anyway, here are my thoughts:

I built up a pretty standard rear wheel with Mavic Open Pro and DT Competition spokes and the Campagnolo Record hub.

But the hub rims are fatter than Shimano Ultegra and the neck of the spokes don't fit around the holes brilliantly. Instead, they come out of the holes at an angle and are very firm: so the ends of the spokes on the drive side protruded to beyond the hub rim of the non-drive side, and were quite stiff in place. None of these spokes hung down loose in this hub.

I suspected rightly that dish would be an issue.

Twisting the hub when you have 16 spokes in was also very tight and difficult.

That said, I made a more than passable wheel that rides very nicely. The hub is eccellent quality.

I had to compromise a little bit on the dishing: it could have done with a bit more to be absolutely centre. This barely noticeable on the bike.

The drive side spokes were getting very tight (they were certainly the correct length) and even though I was adjusting for the dish from the start (a good idea with 10-speeds).

All in all, I am not disappointed with this wheel and the wheel is good.

I have just done 50 miles on it, and it is of a different league to the cheap factory made one I have been using.
I think it would be good to find a spoke with a more generous bend at the neck, if such a thing exists.

My Ultegra hubs were less complicated; built easily and have lasted years with many more to come.
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