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Seating problem with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres

chas.schas.s Posts: 2
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I've just replaced the MTB tyres on my Rockhopper with a set of the above, as I only use it either on the road or cycle ways. I had them fitted by my local Halfords store (yesterday) and was not very happy that both wheels appear to 'wobble' when in motion. I took the bike back to them today and they say that they are unable to get the tyres seated properly. Does anyone have any advice please? Is this a common occurrence with these tyres? Thanks.


  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 1,833
    No problems with these tyres except they can be a little tight to get on/off.

    Try this: Deflate tyres. Squish between thumb and finger each side all the way round to move tyre away from rim. Inflate slightly but still a bit squishy like a ripe banana and repeat process. Inflate tyre fully to max pressure. Look at tyre all the way around rim to make sure it is evenly seated. Usually a line in the rubber. If this fails then tyres are faulty and get Halfords to replace.
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