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Zed 2 Crank Bearing Removal

brencaseybrencasey Posts: 3
edited September 2018 in Workshop
Hi All,

I've become the proud owner of a 2nd hand Look 695 frameset which I've since found needs the BB/Crank bearings replacing.

Look suggests using a proprietary tool which are available online for £100+. I'm wondering if anyone out there has one they can loan me or has any advice on how to do it without?


  • Blimey i just watched the look instruction video in French. Removing it should be simple enough with a bearing extractor of the type used to remove bearings off a shaft. ie the ones used for the Campag Ultra torque and similar and can be bought for a few quid from motor suppliers or ebay.

    Putting the new bearing on straight though looks like you'd need the tool or be prepared to build your own jig. thats a massive pain in the rse. gentle easing it on with a hammer is not a realistic option.
  • The more I think about it the more I think I'm going to have to use the tool.

    Has anyone got one they can loan? I'll cover p&p both directions
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