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Segments and garmin

rouleur23rouleur23 Posts: 175
edited September 2018 in Road general
Can i somehow use the Strava site only, not have go thru Garmin connect, to get my Garmin 520 to notify me when a segments starts and finishes?


  • Strava has to be linked to your garmin connect account for the segments to work. (At least when I set up my 520).
    The segments are downloaded to the device when it syncs, via connect, to Strava. So I don't see how you possibly get any Strava only functionality on the device.
  • My Garmin connect gave up and would not re-install.
    All I do now is plug the garmin in to the PC, click Upload Activity, File, Choose File and then navigate to the garmin and look in the Activities folder. Double click the last activity and it uplads just fine
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