Looking for review/feedback on Tern Rip bicycle

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Hi guys,


Wonder if someone has it or at least tried it. Seen it in Japan, like a lot the looks, but I wonder how it rides. It's pretty new, so it's hard to find any material on it in the web. And it''s nowhere to find in the shops around here.



  • cougie
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    Seems pricey ?

    What's unique about it ?
  • cougie wrote:
    Seems pricey ?

    What's unique about it ?
    Mostly the looks. As far as I managed to translate japanesese reviews it seems to be really fast for a hybrid. Making a solid city commuter bike overall.
    As far as pricey, i know what you are saying, but here in Santa Monica it''s hard to find a any decent bike below 600 in a shop.
  • I'd echo the pricey.

    It has only 1x8 drive chain 1x systems work best with 9-12 systems.

    it appears to have fairly slammed stem coupled with riser bars etc.

    In short I think it's intended to look good, not that much though has been thought about riding is my hunch.