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Reverb sucks down

ed1973ed1973 Posts: 259
edited September 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
So I went and bought a reverb dropper from a popular auction site (yes I know I took a gamble).
Anyway the post is down, I can move it up and down when I’ve let all the air out, but as soon as I add any air, it just sucks the post down again.
I’ve read every single thread about this problem, I’ve bled the hose. I’ve tried to get into the guts of the thing but can’t budge any of the removable pieces (only the snap ring at the bottom, I don’t have a vice and don’t want to damage anything by using brute force and pliers).
Any ideas apart from trying to send it back to seller? I’ve got the number for Rebound Suspension in Bolton so I’ll give them a call.
Just if anybody had any new ideas or similar?
Thanks for reading


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