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tubeless valves

Ben_TaylorBen_Taylor Posts: 4
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Can I use a stans valve on a mavic open pro UST rim?
Which in your experience are the best valves for reliability/fit-and-forget?
Any other tips for keeping valves from leaking?

On a new tubeless wheelset I am finding the valves leak.
Using a water trough I can see that it is the base of the valve, not the end.

They are mavic open pro UST rims, have the correct rim tape fitted, and have mavic UST valves (which strangely are black, so I am guessing they are what is described as the 80mm valves, although they seem to measure only about 68mm from tip to tip?)

The main difference I can see between mavic and stans valves is mavic ones have a foot shape like a slice of a cylinder, thus have to be oriented at the correct angle, whereas the stans ones are conical, so rotation does not affect them.
I am thinking the stans shape is a better design - because with the mavic, I could have inadvertently rotated the valve out of its 'seated' position when undoing the valve core to put sealant in - I initially put some threadlock on the valve core to prevent it unscrewing when I unscrewed a screw on pump so that could have exacerbated that.
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