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Brake Squeal - Help required

trevorhtrevorh Posts: 87
edited August 2018 in MTB workshop & tech
I have just fitted new rotors and pads to my bike. Front brake is absolutely fine but the rear squeals really badly. I have only had the chance to ride up and down the road on it so the pads haven't been bedded in yet. Is it normal for brand new pads to squeal for a while whilst they are brand new and before bedding in? I have checked the usual stuff like leaking hoses and caliper etc but they are all fine. The brake has been bled as well an seems ok.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,382
    There is a chance that the pads have been contaminated. All it could take would be an oily hand touching the disc. But maybe not! It could just be that you have glazed the pads by not bedding them in asap and instead have used the brakes lightly.

    Remove the pads, lay some 80-100 grit sandpaper on a flat surface and rub the pads over the sandpaper in a circular motion to remove the glazing.

    Bed the brakes in. Do the front first, then the rear. Don't touch the rear brake lever until you need to bed the pads in.
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