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Rourke 853

bluedog99bluedog99 Posts: 183
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Just a pic of my Rourke 853 Audax. I`ve had tis for four years now, and apart from one spoke snapping last month, everything is still going strong. It has a Campag centaur groupset apart from the brakes which are Tektrow long drop. Campag did not do brakes suitable for mudguard clearance. Mavic open pro rims, with Record Hubs and double butted spokes. As others have said about the process of ordering a custom bike, i couldn`t have been happier with Brian and Gareth, as well as a great frame made by Jason. One thing i have changed, yesterday, is a second hand pair of Campag Neutron Ultras, with conti 4 season 25mm tyres. Went out for 35 miles today to see how they felt, yep all good especially on inclines. Just a bloody puncture! The down side with neutrons and new tyres, they are a pain getting the tyre back on. So with the Manchester 100 on Sunday, decision time. Do i use my Open Pro`s or the Neutrons. At least the weather seems set fair.
Rourke 853 Team Pro Custom.


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