Scott Scale 990 2018 v Cube Reaction Pro 2018 v Cannondale Trail 3 or 2 2019

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I recently made another post on the forum and ended up returning a specialised rockhopper as the sizing felt off and having researched a little more I felt it wasnt the best value bike. So after more searching Ive narrowed it down to 4 options. I know there are better reviewed bikes but I'm after something with an x2 drivetrain, remote fork lockout and internally routed cables. I am going to be riding primarily on roads, country lanes and bridleways and the odd gentle trail.

I'm leaning towards the cube at this point. I think I would prefer better forks that those on the Scott. I like the trail 3 but Im not too keen on red! I really like the trail 2 but I don't know that I can justify the extra 200 quid for the better forks, derailleur and brakes especially when the colour is the main reason I would take it over the trail 3.

I can get 400 quid back on the last 3 bikes and 300 on the first one thanks to an offer with a company im insured with.

Just wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts they would be kind enough to share with me before I bite the bullet.


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    My experience with cube frames is that they are slightly smaller than equivalent from cannondale, specialized.
    . Generally large/medium is 19/17 in respectively but cube large tend to be 18 in. So be sure you try for size.