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Campag Chorus (2011) hanger bolt play

CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
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Have been having real trouble with the rear mech on my winter bike. Took it out last week and could only get it to work in about 3 of the sprockets - jumping all over the place despite changing quite nicely when on the stand.

Anyway, everything seems straight but there is a a noticeable amount of play in the hanger pivot. I figure under power and when amplified at the other end of the mech this is my problem.
Bit disappointing as this derailleur hasn't had that much use.

I've taken the mech off and there doesn't seem to be anyway of removing the bolt to check what is going on. There is no C-clip I can see so I'm a bit stumped. I'm guessing there is a way of getting it off as a) they got it in there in the first place, and b) you'd need to get the end off to put the spring in the other tensioning hole...

So, is the play something that can be fixed, i.e. not wear in the main body. And how do you get that bolt out??


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    Once there is play in the main pivot bolt it's a new mech. It's not just a case of replacing the bolt. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • All of my Campagnolo groupsets (Athena, Chorus, R and SR) have a wee fraction of play in the rear mech. I found out why once, but I can't remember - although I might have dreamt it. If it's really wobbling then a new mech deffo might be required.

    I'd do a proper hanger check first though.
  • CptKernowCptKernow Posts: 467
    Thanks for the replies. Looks like new mech is in order. Not impressed given it has only had about 3 summers and a winter's use.

    I have my eye on an Athena mech and am planning to swap out the front plate with the carbon one off the Chorus - should ease the pain a little....

    Just out of interest, how do you get at the bolt/spring assembly. Is it not all one piece going through and you can screw off the inner end of the bolt? Tried this with 2 torx keys but nothing moved and it felt like something was going to give...
  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    I don't think it can be disassembled on the chorus.

    Whether its a new mech or not depends on the amount of play. Your shifting woes could be something else. A LBS should be able to confirm.

    We are assuming your diagnosis is correct but if it not you may find a new mech is a waste of money. -wheel building and other stuff.
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