Zipp 177 hub axle removal

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The pdf by Zipp say "gently tap the exposed axle end on the
non-drive side of the hub to dislodge the drive side bearing" however, I've been using a block of wood and a normal hammer and hitting it pretty much as hard as I dare without any sort of movement. Any advice?

I've already remove the freehub and the driveside shim too.



  • Vino'sGhost
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    I've done quite a few of these now. The way i do it is place the wheel drive side down over a nylon cub that sits on the hub and knock the drive side bearing and the axle out. Mostly they come out with a short sharp knock, sometimes it's required more force.

    I use a rubber mallet to protect the end of the axle where i hit it. If you're uncomfortable then take it to a LBS and they can Twa t it whilst you're non the wiser :)

    there are very clear instructions here ... NGLISH.pdf