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RIP Dario?

meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
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There seems to be a lot of chatter on twitter about the passing of Dario Pegoretti... Very sad, a genius with a welding torch and in the days of mass-produced frames a true character.

I'll be raising a glass to him this evening and taking my Marcello out in the morning to remember him.

Cyclinside Story

Translated from the link above:
23 Aug 2018 - The news has slipped almost in secret, as well as the character of Dario Pegoretti, a convinced and decisive canvas player with the welding machine in his hand, but equally shy in life. Dario Pegoretti is gone. Difficult to digest this thing thinking of Dario. One so, full of ideas and inventions has always been an institution.

A news rebounded by a friend, then confirms it with a phone call. As far as we know, Pegoretti would have had a heart problem in the late afternoon, around 7.00pm. And he left right next to his company.

Difficult to comment on such a thing. A person who, beyond the skill in his work, was also a volcanic mind and full of ideas: have you ever ventured to ask for a precise color for a frame? He would have done his own thing anyway, but leaving everyone fully satisfied.
So it was Dario, exuberant and precise in his work, where he often had to make important decisions. A continuous source of stories even beyond the frames. As when he came to follow the presentation of a book by Claudio Gregori and then he confessed: «Do you know that I was his pupil when he was teaching? I still get the excitement to see it, it was very severe. "

Or one of the first times we had met him, at a fair many years ago. He went to his stand Ugo De Rosa, which Dario considered one of his teachers (but the estimate was mutual). "Are you working well?" Mr. De Rosa asked him. At that moment Dario became very serious and explained his work to De Rosa as a student who answered a question hoping to be sufficiently prepared.

It was so Dario. Many call him - they called him - maestro because he was a bit of a lighthouse for a new way of making craft looms and also in the wake of the great Italian tradition. But he was always ready to question himself and learn new things and surprise everyone.
This time, however, we wanted a different surprise.


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