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What size mountain bike? Confused

Mr presMr pres Posts: 4
edited August 2018 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys need a bit of help sizing a bike for myself,

My Height is 181cm and my inside leg is 79cm,
on the guides ive seen I can’t figure out what size frame/ wheels would suit me.
Can anyone help me.


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    There is no generic size, only way is sit on the specific bike.
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Wheel size is an irrelevance, it's the location of the three contact points relative to each other (pedals, grips and saddle) is what matters.

    Different manafacturers same nominal size bikes are often different sizes, you may want a small in one, medium in another and a large in another.

    With your dimensions a large is most likely to be the one you want, but that's not a given.
  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    181cm is roughly 5`11".

    That would put you in the area of a Large or 19-20" frame. That is not exact, as so many brands vary the geometry etc.

    You really do need to go and try some.

    Wheel size isn't really so relevant. Some say that taller people suit 29" wheels better but it really comes down to what you want it to do. Is it HT or FS? What sort of riding you going to be doing?

    I've 5`10" and ride a medium 18" HT, although it is quite `compact`. It's fine for XC riding but point it down any slope and it is very front end heavy. My next one will be a slacker L 19". My FS is a L 19" and is much slacker/longer and more suited for anything vaguely downhill.

    Go to any bike shop and chuck your leg over a view. Most shops have sensible staff who can help you find the right size.
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  • Mr presMr pres Posts: 4
    going to take your advice as I don’t want to end up hunched over with a bad back,
    Got a Bmw with seats that cover that department :D
    Best I go to a bike shop and get a rough idea of size as I want to go down the second hand route.

    Probs going to spend 150-200 max I know that’s cheap to some of you guys but it’s not my first hobby :mrgreen:
  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    How much you spend is entirely up to you, but you do literally get, what you paid for.

    Even with 2nd hand bikes c.£200 really won't get you much and you don't know the condition.

    See what 2nd hand bikes you can find and we can always offer an `opinion`.

    Or sell the BMW and get a proper bike.....
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  • Mr presMr pres Posts: 4
    Haha thanks, any pointers on a good make, or What to steer clear of?
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Mr pres wrote:
    Best I go to a bike shop and get a rough idea of size as I want to go down the second hand route.
    Unless its the same model (and model year) that's a completely pointless exercise for the reasons I gave in my first post.

    Try out the second hand bike and see if it fits.
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