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Pacific Coast Bicycle Route

rollingnomadrollingnomad Posts: 40
edited August 2018 in Tour & expedition
I am planning my 1st Solo Bicycle Touring Trip on 5-2020 on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route from
Salem, Oregon up to Portland, Oregon then I will be riding my Surly LHT 26 52 cm 2008 Touring Bicycle to the Coast of Oregon. and Then I will be heading South to San Diego, California on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. And I am looking to stay near Newport, Oregon
For 2 Months and then in Eureka, California then I will be start South on 9-1-2020 to San Diego, California. And I am going to be taken the Amtrak Train from
Los Angeles, California to Salem, Oregon where the Motel 6 is $25.00 Cheaper than Portland, Oregon. And Feedback is helpful and Appreciate?

My Question about my Miles per Day and I am Looking at 30.0 miles to 50.0 miles a day? And I am mostly going to be Stealth Camping. And I would a lot harder to find a good Stealth Camping Spot in California do to the Homelessness housing crisis?
And Homelessness in California has gone up 24% since two years ago.

I Know a guy who is living in Portland, Oregon and He is a Bicycle Touring Dude and He Was Questions by the Cops if he was Homeless or Not Homeless
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