Getting back on the saddle

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Hello everyone, i'm new to the board and thought i'd introduce myself and try and get back into riding.

Used to be a keen biker for fitness, would go out a few times a week and enjoy a good 25mile circuit ride round north tyneside. Most of it was offload on tracks and trails, with a short ride on the road through my village.

I used to love riding, but two years ago i was hit by a transit van who wasn't paying attention and reversed onto the road and hit me. I broke both my wrists and some cuts and bruises. I was lucky not to be hurt more seriously.

Sadly since the accident I've not really had the confidence to get back out again for the fear of being hurt. This week I dusted of the bike, oiled the chain and went for it. To be fair i was really really nervous in going out again, but reading through here gave me the push i needed to get back out there. Thanks all!!!


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    Well done on overcoming that natural fear, good luck with continuing that.
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    Well done for getting back out. Always very hard after a nasty incident of any sort.

    Just try to build confidence by taking it easy. I know it's not easy to say `don't ride on the road`, but maybe try going to bike specific places to start with, just to remove that element.

    I'm sure you'll get back into it and remember how much fun can be had!
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    Off-road is way safer then on-road. (IMHO)
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    Off-road is way safer then on-road. (IMHO)

    Very true. Nothing quite like that feeling when you hear a truck behind you and wondering if he's seen you.
  • Thanks all, i planning to go to Keilder forest. Put the bike in the back of the car and ride there.
  • Sorry to hear of your previous accident.

    I’m quite lucky where I live I can access the canal network in 2 mins and many of the footways are shared spaces for peds and cyclists.

    I’m a competent cyclist on the road, can ride defensively etc but as a motorist I see so many examples of bad driving it does put me off.

    Statistically though riding on the road is probably pretty safe.
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    Good on ya for getting back in the saddle. I was hit by a taxi years ago,broke a finger & collar bone. It took ages to get the confidence back. Just find some gentle trails & ease yourself into it. Good luck, you can do it :)