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Problem with my cassette and rear break on my new bike

DannysgbbDannysgbb Posts: 15
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Recently i have purchased a new bike and i have rode it several times and ive only just noticed this. When i spin the rear wheel quite fast i notice that my Shimano HG500 10 speed cassette 11-42T wobbles quite a bit. Also my break pads are rubbing on the rear wheel and not the front so im not sure if these problems are linked. All help will be much appreciated.
Thank you :)


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,381
    Some slight wobble on the cassette is normal, particularly on budget bikes, but it should not be excessive. The rubbing of the pads on the disc is easy to fix, but it should not have left the shop like that. I suggest that you return the bike to the place you bought it and get them both fixed. Every brand new bike I have ever bought (and some used ones from bike shops) came with a free 6-week service. All these things will be fixed at that point, but some things can be too bad to wait. So take it in now and get them to sort it out (free of course!)
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,758
    Some light rubbing of pads is normal (due to the small clearances that are key for making disc brakes work effectively), if it actually slows the wheel then it needs fixing.

  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    What bike have you got?

    If the cassette is moving a lot and the disk is rubbing, the whole wheel could be loose or the axle is not in the frame properly. Is it QR or 142x12 (or similar?). You could have a broken/bent axle? It could be a few things.

    Have you taken the wheel out and wiggled the cassette to see if it is loose on the freehub?

    From what you say, it sounds like it is moving more than it should and does need sorting out.

    If you're struggling, take it to your LBS or the place you bought it (if possible) and ask them to look at it.
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