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Opinion between these bikes.

dgendydgendy Posts: 26
edited August 2018 in Commuting general
I have narrowed down the bikes I want to these three bikes. I need a good reliable commuter for a long commute (17 miles each way), and also can be used for cycle touring.

They are: ... e-EV306601 - Norco search 150 A 2018 ... e-EV306373 - specialised diverge comp E5 2018 ... e-EV306247 - Pinnacle arkose 4

Due to an issue with the shop they will give me any of these for £1000, so cost is not an issue. The Pinnacle has hydraulic disc brakes which will be good but I need to change the 37mm tyres to 28 for the commuting.

Any opinions on which bike would be best?


  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    Personally, the Pinnacle for the Rival hydros and 1x11.

    If you'd prefer 2x then the Specialized as their frame warranty is 2nd to none if that sort of thing is a concern for you. Great that you can get it for 1K too as their bikes tend to have lower spec than the competition in the same price bracket (comparing original RRPs obviously).

    I don't much about Norco other than their MTBs, but it looks like a good spec too.

    Don't think you go wrong with any TBH.

    Have you looked at the CAADX 105?
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  • dgendydgendy Posts: 26
    Yes I was tempted more by the pinnacle. It looks very good value for money, although I will need to spend a bit more on pedals and new tyres. Will be worth it if it has hydraulic disk brakes since they cost quite a bit more. I did look at the CAADX 105, very nice bike but I liked these 3 better.
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