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replacing Shimano 105 10 speed freehub body with Ultegra

ezriderezrider Posts: 2
edited August 2018 in Workshop
I am new to this forum and I am looking for some advice.

I have a Shimano 105 10 speed group set and my freehub is making a noise. I am wondering if I can easily upgrade the body only. I am considering going to a Ultegra 6700 body that is for 10 speed cassette. Is this a direct swap or are there any spacers needed. Also, if compared the designs what are the advantages of the Ultegra over 105. Again, I am not touching anything else but merely swapping the freehub bodies.


  • Mad_MalxMad_Malx Posts: 4,709
    I'd go with an 11 speed freehub and use a spacer with your 10 speed cassette. Price is much the same.
    If you ever swap to 11 speed you will then still be able to use the wheels.
    [Personally I have no particular desire to go to 11, but as my shifters and derailleur are getting on a bit now it's probably where I'll end up].

    Edit - you will need to check that the replacement fits though, obviously.
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