Mixing Dura-Ace and Tiagra Components

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Hello everyone! I know there are hundreds of similar threads around but I wanted to pick people's brains on this specific question.

The context (so this doesn't seem completely bizarre): I've ridden a Felt bike for the last five years and back in January I decided to upgrade the groupset to the latest Shimano Tiagra 4700 (as I'm taking on longer distances and riding much, much more regularly). Fast-forward to last month and the frame snapped :(

I've just got my hands on another Felt bike, which is running the 2008 Dura-Ace 7900 groupset. It all seems to be in good condition (the previous owner recently had new bearings fitted) but the brakes are rather stiff and loud. Both are 10 speed so in theory, which Tiagra components would I be able to swap onto the new bike as parts of the Dura-Ace groupset need replacing?

Many thanks in advance for your help!


  • Rogsmer,

    Give this a read:


    The compatibility chart has been helpful to me in the past.

    Regarding the brakes, I'd be more inclined to give the Dura Ace brakes a really good service before replacing them with Tiagra. Get yourself some new, good quality (jagwire or alike) cable inners and outers (or get the sets they sell) and put some new (or thoroughly cleaned) brake pads on. You might want to give the rims a good clean as well - this should resolve noisy brakes. If you're being extra keen - toe in the brake pads.
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    sacrilege :) I've had good success with these and other brake callipers by cleaning thoroughly. as above. but this is how id approach it.

    1 Soak in Petrol for a while, a few hours should be enough but longer if you want. NB remove the pads, discard if they're full of metal flakes and worn. other wise put to one side after tidying up.
    2 nylon not metal brush get stuck in and clean off the crud. You might need an old screwdriver or some pics to get in the nooks and crannies.
    3 dunk bank in petrol and agitate.
    4 clean off by dunking in meths
    5 dry thoroughly
    6 inspect and grease/ lubricate as required . Refit pads to caliper
    7 refit to your bike.
    8 Only use good quality cables and outers and remember to use the right ferrules.

    for the sake of a fiver youd probably have some very good brakes back.
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    7900 has received a mixed response over the years. I have 2 bikes with it and whilst it has been improved upon with later generation gruppos it still performs well especially with new cables and pads.
    I'd be inclined to thoroughly clean and re-lube any components that aren't working smooth and efficiently. Fit new cables all round ( later gen coated cables preferably).
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D