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EC90 (Not Easton branded) Cheap Carbon Fork

u33dbu33db Posts: 68
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I have Carrera Virtuoso which i'm contemplating fitting a carbon fork to (i've already swapped the wheels to something lighter and some other bits).

Now I have used Carbon Cycles products on my MTB but they seem to be out of road forks right now...however i came across this as another "budget" fork alternative;

"EC90" (I imagine not the Easton EC90 fork!);

Has anyone tried one of these or able to offer any advise on quality/longevity?


  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    The seller is a Chinese drop shipper. I wouldn't risk my life on them, especially with the branding - presumably hope you'll associate them with Easton, which you did. They sell the stuff on Alibaba with Easton logos....

    Business seller information
    Lin Jingping
    QUANZHOU CITY Fengzhe District Baozhou Street 299 Wangshang
    362000 Fuji
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  • u33dbu33db Posts: 68
    Yes probabably not worth it on reflection....i'll just wait for carbon cycles to get more uk stock of the exotics i think
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