Three BB30 replacements now due to creaking — so which Praxis adaptor?

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I've got a two Canondale's: one a Supersix, the other a CAAD12. The Supersix is four years old and has now had its BB30 changed twice now due to creaking. The CAAD12 is about two years old and its BB started creaking just out of warranty, so that was changed too.

So, three BB30 replacements later, the Supersix is again creaking badly and the CAAD12 is just beginning to develop a creak again.

The BB market seems a minefield of complicated sizes and standards, so my simply question is: what do I need for the Supersix? And, when the CAAD needs doing again, which one for that too - the same?



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    Maybe worth talking to your LBS.

    I've got a CAAD10 and a 12. 10 is a winter bike and recently had a full 105 groupset fitted with the full Shimano crankset using a Praxis adapter. It's been great, but I didn't really have any specific problems before anyway.

    Was told at the time that there was no praxis adapter for the 12 because of the internal cabling - but that may have changed now.
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    Praxis adaptor did not fit into my CAAD and friend's EVO due to protruding plasticky internal cabling holder under the BB. Now I am using Rotor BB, creak free for a year so far. ... prod130493

    I, also, used Loctite 641 (bearing retainer)
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    C Bear, but it aint cheap for BB30a.. but thats the price of Cannondale being smart ar sses for you. ... acket/EVWS

    Standard BB30 , half the price for them.. just google bb30 adapters

    You just have to hope these fit after paying a ton.
    post on weightweenies, someone may have fudged a Caad12
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    Thanks everyone for you ideas/comments.

    I probably will talk to my LBS as the mechanic in there is very knowledgeable but ultimately I'll have to decide whether I spent a lot, or a little, for the likes of the C Bear or Rotor BB respectively.

    Having already laid out a lot for three new BBs it's very frustrating that manufactures have introduced this technology which is obviously flawed.

    I really like my Cannondale's but if I buy another bike is going to have a threaded BB — like my old CAAD9, which never creaked in its life!
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    I went C Bear for my BB30A Synapse and 4000 miles later have never regretted it. Not cheap but worth every penny in the long run. Having said that, I did get quite a decent life out of the original BB30a fittings but once the creaking started used it as an excuse to replace the original FSA crankset, thus gaining full Ultegra.
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