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Wahoo kickr snap 2017 "route mode" issues?

Tr0nc0Tr0nc0 Posts: 28
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I would appreciate a feedback based on your testing experience on a Wahoo kickr snap 2017 unit.

I have recently bought a wahoo kickr snap 2017 (refurbished).
Overall it seems to be working fine except in "route mode".

Using my Wahoo Elemnt to control it, I tried to ride my usual local route (recorded on a real ride) which includes a 3mi 12% constant grade hill. Despite the unit offers some resistance according to the grade, I was able to ride the 3mi 12% segment averaging something around 20mi/h with an output wattage of less than 300 (74kg rider) :o I can usually average something like 10mi/h on that section!!

I just wanted to know whether "route mode" has some limitation in this scenario or I am facing a real issue with this unit.
I haven't had the chance to try out any platform such as Zwift and I am wondering if I could have a problem in this scenario as well.




  • Tr0nc0Tr0nc0 Posts: 28
    Just an update on SW versions (latest up to date)
    Elemnt SW version: WF42-1985
    Kickr Snap SW version: 2.3.62

    Still facing the same issue, Wahoo Elemnt seems not to be able to control the Kickr in SIM mode when trying to ride a route.
    Anyone having the same issue?
    (As Wahoo support suggested I only have one paired device at a time, when I am using Elemnt every other Bluetooth device is OFF...)

    I also tried the SIM mode directly from Wahoo Fitness app.
    When I get into the SIM page and start increasing gradient I can feel proper resistance for that gradient, but then if I leave SIM page (eg go to ERG mode) and then go back to SIM page, then there is no resistance until I start increasing or decreasing gradient.

    Everything seems so erratic...If I have the chance I will try it with Zwift...I am worried I might have similar issues...
  • Hello,
    I give here the answer as I have found out from Wahoo customer service.
    The problem was that the Kicker Snap was paired through ANT rather than through BTLE.

    Repairing with BTLE solved the issue.

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