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Bike fit recommendations in and around London

Tcm91Tcm91 Posts: 5
edited August 2018 in Road general
I've had my bike for several years but haven't changed a thing since I first bought it, both in terms of ride position or components like the saddle or stem.

For a 1 hour round trip commute, it's fine. But I've been putting in some longer (3-5 hours) weekend rides in the last year and have a lot of shoulder/arm aches, lower back aches, and saddle sores.

I know some of this stuff just comes with the territory of longer rides, but I thought a bike fit might be money well spent if it would result in a more enjoyable time in the saddle.

So where have you guys been fitted and what did you make of them? Who gave you a decent amount of time and attention, knew their stuff, and made sensible recommendations on what to change without trying to unload half their stockroom onto you.



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