Garmin Edge 1030 users?

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Hi All,

Does anyone have a Garmin Edge 1030? Having struggled with RideWithGPS and a Mio 505 (explore more because our routing is shit!) I'm considering buying one to act as a proper satnav for commuting to work in London.

The blurb reckons that it uses heatmaps of routes uploaded to Garmin Connect to ensure that it doesn't send you around the M25 or some gravel/mud 'cycle' path which would be fine on a MTB but not so much on a carbon rimmed roadie.

Anyone have any real life experience with one?


  • wongataa
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    It will only use heatmaps if you let the unit generate the route. If you create your own route and load it onto the unit it will follow the route you specify.
  • b0redom
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    OK fair enough, but is the heat map routing any good?

    Anyone know how/if they are updated over time?