Converting SRAM hydraulic front disc from 160mm to 140mm

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Hi, I am not very familiar with disc brakes yet but I am finding the 160mm stopping power overkill.....I want to swap the front from 160mm to 140mm. Its SRAM RED 22 hydraulic 2017....It looks like this stock photo. ... k=aOt4hX2B

Any idea what I need to do? In particularly I don't see an option in the stock post-mount to get it closer to the 140mm radius (which I havent bought yet).

Any advice?



  • maybe one for the bike shop
  • Going to 140mm won’t make any difference to your stopping power, surely (unless you are going down Alpine descents). Why step down in size unless you are desperate to save a few grams?
  • If you have something resembling your photo link then you have a flat mount brake, which means you don't really have a post-mount frame. Actually, if you really have something exactly like the photo then you have Shimano, not SRAM.

    Assuming you have SRAM flat mount, then switching depends on whether or not you have an adaptor already. If you don't have any adaptors between the frame and the brake, then you can't do much.

    If you do have an adaptor, then Pages 26-28 of the link below shows how the adaptors should be used for flat mount brakes for 160mm and 140mm ... nual_0.pdf

    Lastly, SRAM recommends 160mm for the road mostly so that you can manage heat dissipation. If there is ever the chance you might ride down an Alpine descent then don't use 140mm as the heat build-up can cause your brake fluid to boil.
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    Wouldn't a change of pad material be a quicker and cheaper experiment? Try a harder pad and see how it goes?
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    What do you mean you find the stopping power to be overkill? Have you tried squeezing the brakes more gently?