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Can you zoom in on the climb profile on a Wahoo Bolt?

prhymeateprhymeate Posts: 792
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My 800 died and I've been looking for a replacement. I have both the Garmin Edge Explore (recently released, not the Explore 1000) and the Wahoo Bolt. I'm trying to decide which one to keep, or whether I should just return them both. One feature I liked on my Garmin was being able to zoom to see the profile of wherever I was riding, which was really useful for climbs that I'd never ridden before. I know the Bolt can show the profile for an entire planned route, but can you zoom in?

If I'm honest, I'm pretty disappointed at where bike gps units seem to be given that my 800 is now about 8 years old. The only feature that I'd want that has been introduced in that time is being able to upload rides to Strava wirelessly. Most other features seem the same or worse as far as I can tell.


  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Yes, just press the right hand top button.
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  • prhymeateprhymeate Posts: 792
    philthy3 wrote:
    Yes, just press the right hand top button.

    Ah ok cheers!
  • wildpigwildpig Posts: 39
    One of the pages also tells you the real-time incline/decline of your GPS position, and changes as you move
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