105 upgrade to Triban 520 and covert flat bar to drops

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Hi there

I have a flat bar Triban 520 which has sora triple group set

I wish to convert this to drop bars

I have an old road bike which has 105 5600 (double compact) with FSA cranks, the rest is 105

Will this all fit onto the Triban 520

Will the existing bottom bracket take the FSA crank or do I need to change the existing bottom bracket?

Many thanks


  • Pooter
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    I would move across the FSA bottom bracket to the Triban. Leaving aside whether they have the same interface (square taper, ISIS etc), a triple BB will be wider to accomodate the third ring, so wouldn't work with a double chainset.
  • lesfirth
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    To advise you better we need to know a bit more about your bottom brackets. your Sora crank probably has a 24mm spindle attached to the drive side crank ( i.e. Hollowtech 2 ). Your FSA crank might be the same so straight swop, it might have a 19mm spindle which will need a similar but 19mm Fsa BB or it could have a square taper set up ( i .e. a separate axle with separate cranks). If it is the latter throw it into MFs garden and get a shimano crankset off Ebay.
    Best case is that you have 24mm Sora and 24 mm FSA. If you have you will also need a big plastic/wood mallet to persuade the FSA crank to go into the Shimano BB. After a few wacks you may doubt it but it will.