Voodoo Biznago Tubeless

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Thinking of upgrading my piece of trash bike to the voodoo bizango. Was wondering if the wheels and tyres are both tubeless ready or if i would need to use tape on the wheel or get new tyres?
Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • swod1
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    Depends a lot of wheels are tubeless ready but you have to put tape over the spoke holes on the rim to make it tubeless.

    That is so the tyre will hold air etc.

    Should say on the bike spec if the tyres are tubeless ready if not you'll need to buy some along side the rim tape, valves and sealant.
  • I had the 2016 Bizango, the yellow one, and the rims and tyres weren't tubeless ready.

    1. So i bought some tubeless ready tyres, Schwalbe Nobby Nics.
    2. Applied 2 layers of Gorilla tape to the rims, the black with fibres, 25mm width(cut to 20mm ish), i also removed the rim strips that were fitted.
    3. Fitted the tubeless valves, Stans ones, other makes are available.
    4. Fitted the tyres and Stans sealant.
    5. Now this is where i had loads of problems, inflating/seating the tyres :-
    Regular track pump - no joy.
    CO2 cartridges - no joy.
    Compressor - no joy, but this may have been a crap compressor tbh.

    I finally got the tyres to seat using a home made Airshot type device - Google 'ghetto airshot' for info, "use at your own risk". :)

    So, i did manage to get the Bizango to run tubeless, but with a lot of effort, by the time i'd completed the conversion it was more about being able to do it than any benefits that tubeless would give.