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Thanks for the add! Advice needed. My riding will consist of single track, moorland, bit of trail park and canal path commuting. Bike will be on Cyclesheme and 650 is limit, although I can PX a scrap bike for £50 off at Evans. I come from a road bike background so was wondering if I'll get on with the 1x10 groupsets that some of these bikes have. Particularly concerned that some of my riding will be to the off-road areas...will I miss those gears!? I have narrowed it down to the following...anyone have reviews or thoughts! ... zoom-modal ... zoom-modal ... -blue.html ... eview-2013 ... zoom-modal


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    i got the Bizango and its awesome, been riding it a little on the road, but I never been on the road before to compare it to. And I ride trail centers and general off road stuff and its been fantastic for me. Fairly cheap price and got best bike under £750 category. I cant really compare it to others but its good fun and I cant complain about the quality of it.
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    Bizangos are highly rated.

    Or is that Bizangoes? :?:

    Many more than one Bizango has been highly rated. :lol:
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    Bizangos are highly rated.

    Or is that Bizangoes? :?:

    Many more than one Bizango has been highly rated. :lol:

    Bizangi? :P
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    if you go for the voodoo at Halfords, are you a british cycling member as you'll get 10% off.
  • Went in store and tried the Bizango and just wasn't bowled over by it to be honest. Am now heading over to Evans as I keep getting drawn back to the Norco Charger 2.
  • Plumped for the Norco in the end. Ride and fit better for me than the rest of the shortlist. Just back from my first proper ride in it and I'm very impressed! Bikes seem to have come along way since my last MTB (20+years). Shame the engine hasn't. :wink:
  • I don’t think you’ll be disppaointed with the Charger 2. I’m in a similar position and went for the Charger 1 - although I preferred the aesthetics of the 2 the 1 x 11 edged it for me for simplicity.

    The biggest difference I notice from my old bike that’s approx 10 years old is the weight. The Norco whilst not the lightest bike on the market is so much lighter than the old one and it makes a big difference.

    Whether that’s carrying it up and down steps on the canals or when riding and lifting it to jump over kerbs and bumps it’s very noticeable.