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South Downs Way - bike hire???

SDWkevSDWkev Posts: 2
edited August 2018 in MTB general
Hi all
Looking for some advice
I’m looking to do the South Downs Way next week - 21st August.
A few of us are
My fitness is good enough as is my endurance I believ( however my bike is old and past it’s best (GT Avalanche 3.0 weighing in at 15kg)

We have a baby on the way therefore no chance of a shiny new MTB for me.

So I’d like to rent one, and a decent one, but am struggling to find anywhere which rents out decent MTBs.
A few friends I considered borrowing from are either too precious, too real, too short, too ‘bike in bits’ so am struggling.

Any ideas most welcome
I’m 6’1” and would happily rent from an individual or a shop.


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