Cross bike size and fit - feels just too big

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hi everyone,

I am new here, Alek from Austria.
First of all, please accept my apologies if this is the wrong forum to post this, so admins please relocate if needed.

Now, i am 35 years old and last time i had a bike was 15 years ago while i was still in college. Few months ago started thinking about the bike again and after couple of weeks searching, i have decided to with "cross" bike since some 90% of my ride will be with wife and kids around town, parks, nature (asphalt) so mostly on flat surfaces, plus maybe some 10% for gravel country roads... nothing remotely extreme.

So i have settled with Radon Scart Light 10.0 ( ... -100-2018/) and got 56cm frame size... now goes the big ugly BUT!

There are all the measurments of the bike there on the website

I am 182cm high and crouch measure is 88-89cm... judging by 99% of the frame size "calculators" i need 56-58cm frame size... i got the bike like 4 days ago and after assembly i've noticed its pretty huge.

I have adjusted the seat height as instructed online, seating on the bike, heel on the pedal, leg straight... when riding my leg is slightly bent in the knee. The seat is still some 7cm below the top of the handle bar (where it connects to the frame).

I had a chance to ride the bike for cca 1 hour only so far, it does feel ok and confy (my arse hurts but thats normal after 15 years of not having the bike). i have no idea if i "feel stretched" as people would say, also i can always slightly bend my albows but i can as well keep them straight... this does not tell me anything.

Like a child a go and seat on the bike in my living room every half an hour and every time it seems like its too big, cant really explain but somehow feels too big. I am not uncomfortable but just feels like its too big.

People from the shop (ordered online) told me i should definitely go with 56cm, like most other people when i tell them my measures but again, i still think its too big.

Next smaller size is 52cm and i am more and more thinking i should return 56 and get 52cm... i think it will be more maneuverable and more "controllable". I am far from being fit or someone who will be making jumps or super fast riding or making sudden turns, but still cant help but think 52 would be better...

So the main points:
- Seat pole is out for some 8cm, looks a bit funny
- Seat below the handlebar - ok people say its for more upright and confy ride
- I know there are spacers for handle bar so perhaps pro fit is all i lower the bar

ANY help, advice or suggestion is very welcome!
Many thanks!


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    Hello Alek, if the handlebar stem is pointing upwards like in the picture on the site, you could turn it upside down to bring the bars lower. Or you could swap it for a shorter stem if you feel stretched out. They don't cost very much. Yes also try removing spacers as you mentioned.
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    I am 168cm and ride a 52cm cross and bikes. 56cm would way too small for you.

    If you have 8cm of seat post showing, it's about right.

    Does the bike have drop bars or flat ad per the website?
  • How about sitting on it, getting a photo and uploading it here? We'll easily be able to tell you.
    (And despite what you read about people on the internet, most of us on here are really nice - just avoid the MTB lot :wink: )
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