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Stack and reach - help me decipher this please

johngtijohngti Posts: 904
edited August 2018 in Road general
Been comparing the stack and reach on two of the bikes I have and one that I kind of like the look of. Currently ride a trek Domane and giant defy both in medium (54 and 50 respectively). Comparing these to a madone in size 56 because I know someone who has a frame to sell.

(Hope the formatting works below!)

Domane. Defy. Madone
Stack. 575. 567. 577
Reach. 374. 377. 384

I’m equally comfortable on the Domane as on the defy. My interpretation is that in theory I could remove a 10mm spacer on the Domane and have basically exactly the same setup on that as on the defy or I could get a madone in the larger size and have a slightly longer stretch to the bar and get a stack similar to the other two by playing with spacers. Both the defy and Domane have 90mm stems on. Shouldn’t be too much of a difference in overall comfort once all the fiddling is done. Am I far off in that conclusion?


  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,724
    It sounds like you've sussed it.

    The only thing is that you are running 90mm stems, and you might want an 80mm on the Madone which is short (whatever anyone tells you).

    The other thing to think about is how much fork column is cut off on your friend's Madone, will it leave enough for you to put your stem at the required height?
  • johngtijohngti Posts: 904
    Turns out he’s sold the madone so this is more of a discussion about getting a similar set up on the two bikes I have got (and as a ready reckoner when it’s time for a new bike!). Think I’ll try moving a spacer on the Domane next time I fiddle. The defy already has a 5mm spacer on top of the stem so 10mm moved on the Domane should just about do it.
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