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Getting the cold shoulder… legs and body

inkjinkj Posts: 93
edited August 2018 in Road general
I’m not sure where to ask this, as I have a MTB

Some of my riding will be on road

The off road stuff is super flat and beginner friendly/easy…

But the main reason I have put it here is that the clothing I have is all road bike centric.

My question in a nutshell is this: I’ve only been riding on a gym bike so far [waiting on my bike] – but I’m buying bits now so wanted to know if there was something I should add to my list of purchases. I wear cycling bibs [Castelli Free Aero] now presuming it’s an ok day… out in the real world – will I be cold? As in the gym you don’t have the cooling effect of air rushing past you. I really wanted advice on what I should get to go over the bib shorts.

I guess on a hot day: Nothing

On a normal day: ????

On a cold day: Yikes?

For wet days I have Boradman Over Trousers and a waterproof jacket [and water proof socks/thermal liners]

Thanks for any help/abuse

I’m hoping to buy stuff so I am prepared for whatever the day will bring… but with no experience [like if it’s a day that isn’t hot or particularly cold what should I wear?] it’s hard to judge if I have all bases covered

Thanks again

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