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Adjusting the derailleur

KirkpatrickKirkpatrick Posts: 3
edited August 2018 in The workshop
Hi all,

I was gifted a new Muddyfox 100 bicycle in a box. It is destined for the charity shop, and out of courtesy I tried making it rideable:

The front gear selector cable is as tight as I can make it, the derailleur screws are adjusted to their outmost position, and all the moveable metal parts in the mechanism are touching. Despite this the front derailleur is not bearing on the outer ring, so I looked up the parts selected and pre-assembled by Muddyfox:

Top gear teeth 42T ( ... 0-TS6.html)
Outer ring 48T ( ... -5691.html)

I am no cycling expert: When these two numbers do not match, does that mean the parts are not compatible? Is there something else I need to adjust?


P.S. OEM parts and retail parts could differ, but it certainly looks to me as though these are the components.


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