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Anyone in W Mids Need a Bike Box?!

KirwanKirwan Posts: 15
edited August 2018 in MTB general
Morning - just got my wife a new bike from Evans which came in a huge box!

I don’t suppose it would be of any use to anyone? Can be collected from me this weekend in Solihull.

If not I’ll be ripping it apart and recycling.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,811
    To be honest I just pop to Evans or Halfords when I want one, they are only too happy to give them away.
    Currently riding a Whyte T130C, X0 drivetrain, Magura Trail brakes converted to mixed wheel size (homebuilt wheels) with 140mm Fox 34 Rhythm and RP23 suspension. 12.2Kg.
  • KirwanKirwan Posts: 15
    I knew it was a long shot - but I see the odd request for guitar boxes on other forums so thought it was worth asking. A guess a whole bike is a different proposition to post!

    It’s been a useful toy for the kids anyway today and will be broken up tomorrow.
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