Rear Derailleur Extender.

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I'm currently running a Ultergra 52/36 and 11/28 ratio with a short cage rear mech and I want to run a 11/32 on the back for hilly sportives and taking my bike on holiday in more climbing areas.

Obvs I need a 11/32 cassette and longer chain, but instead of buying a medium cage rear mech I'm thinking of getting a hanger extender like a Wolf one
I would be only using it for up to 10 rides a year as the 11/28 is perfect for where I live.

Anybody used one of these if so what are your thoughts and did you have any problems?


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    The product description states that a double chainring set up with a SS RD is not supported.
  • Depending on your rear derailleur an alternative approach could be to replace the cage plates from short to medium. I did this with a 6700 short cage replacing the cage with 6800 medium cage plates then reverse the b screw, or replace it with an allen head bolt would be better, and it might be able to cope with the bigger cassette without the need for an extender.

    The medium cage plates have now been transferred to a 6800 short derailleur as I've gone 11 speed on that bike.

    SJS Cycles stock a number of inner and outer replacement cage plates but if you're not sure check compatability by downloading the schematics for your derailleur from Shimano first.

    As well as modifying the rear derailleur I do have a Roadlink, which is a doddle to fit, and means I can go up to a 40T sprocket should I wish. I'm not afraid of going low with the gears.
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    The hanger extender is to move the upper jockey wheel away from the cassette when a larger sprocket is fitted it doesn’t increase the capacity which is what a medium cage mech is for. You got the uses mixed up.
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    Capacity isn't particularly important so long as you don't run the small chainring on the small end of the cassette.

    Another option would be to run an 11-30 cassette, which unless you are unlucky would probably work with the SS derailleur unmodified.

    You could also buy a 105 5800 GS derailleur, which will work fine with your Ultegra shifters and isn't much more expensive than the road link.